Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air’s Exclusive Turbo Tag™ RFID Time and Temperature Monitoring System incorporates Blue Spark thin printed batteries to power its autonomous data logging functionality. This power boost allows the RFID “smart cards” to track and record cold chain temperatures in real time from the processing plant, in transit, and up to the point of delivery.

Using the Turbo Tag solution themselves or through a service provider, suppliers of consumables and temperature-sensitive products – such as meat and dairy products, fresh produce, frozen and refrigerated foods, pharmaceuticals, biologicals and other chemical substances – can minimize waste and ensure cold chain quality control and consumer safety and standards compliance. In the pharmaceutical industry, the Turbo Tag solution also ensures compliance with stringent regulatory standards.

Sealed Air Corporation is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of packaging and performance-based materials and equipment systems that serve food, medical, and an array of industrial and consumer applications.

“We selected Blue Spark Technologies’ 1.5-volt printed batteries because it was the only eco-friendly battery solution that fully met Sealed Air’s specified operating temperature range – and was thin, flexible and affordable enough to be embedded with the RFID chip into our compact credit card size form factor.”

Bill Roberts, Research Fellow,
Sealed Air Corporation, Technology and Innovation Group